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Wonder Cupboard

What is science?
Where does it come from?
Is it a cupboard?

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Sexy Plants

Plants, eh? Phoar. Elena and Ian find out why botany became scandalously sexy for a whole century. Features two rude words and some extremely questionable poetry.

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What’s all this about?

Wonder Cupboard is a podcast that asks what science is, how it works, and how it came to be.

Elena Falco and Ian Bridgeman present a new topic on the history and philosophy of science every episode.

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You can send us feedback, questions and lovely stories about science by emailing us: hello@wondercupboard.com

We’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Your Hosts

Elena Falco and Ian Bridgeman

Elena Falco has a degree and an MA in philosophy, with a focus on philosophy of science, obtained after a long flirtation with neuropsychology. She will start her PhD in Science and Technology Studies soon.

At the moment, she works in academic publishing, two floors above Newton’s sundial, which he carved himself; his draft of the Principia Mathematica, mostly handwritten by his secretary; and his death mask, of unknown craft. She won’t say which of these three objects is her favourite.

Ian Bridgeman likes computers, jokes and Daim® bars. He spends most of his time doing social media for a radio station. His other podcast is The Slump.

Previous episodes


Why Does Science Work?

Elena and Ian take a look at why science works, before getting embroiled in a boxing/wrestling match between realists and instrumentalists. Typical.

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Elena and Ian don their gowns, and rebelliously take them off again, in order to discuss the life and times of Galileo Galilei: scientist, lover, and all-round renaissance man (literally).

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